Primary Frequency Standard
5071A primary frequency standard delivers unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability for the most demanding laboratory and field applications.
The 5071 offers exceptional frequency stability which is a key specification that directly affects a laboratory's ability to deliver timekeeping and calibration services to its clients. With a stability specification for 30-day averaging time, the 5071A can keep extremely predictable time and phase for long periods. Further, the 5071A can be used for long-term averaging of noisy signals such as GPS.

Cesium Frequency Standard.

Provides exceptional performance in a configurable 3U rack mount chassis. The Cs4000 is designed for high precision timing and frequency applications requiring high stability, low noise RF and 1PPS reference signals. Symmetricom's advanced Cesium III digital technology is the engine that drives this exceptional performance.
Cesium Frequency Standard.
Designed for portability, the CSIII is a functional, versatile Cesium Reference Standard that performs as a primary reference standard and calibration standard in applications including satellite tracking stations, positioning and navigation, and broadcast communications. Output Signal Formats 5 and 10MHZ sinewave outputs 10MHz TTL output 1PPS sync input and a 1PPS timing output
Quartz Crystal Oscillator
The quartz crystal oscillator in the 1050A delivers extremely high spectral purity at frequencies close to the carrier frequency permitting multiplication to millimeter-wave frequencies with excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The highly stable operation and rugged durability of the 1050A are the result of a single stage solid state oven, advanced design and components selected to to meet the most exacting specifications.
CSAC Series
Chip Scale Atomic Clock
Atomic clock accuracy and low power make the SA.45s ideal for portable applications requiring precise synchronization and time keeping, especially in GPS-denied environments.
Breakthrough Leadership The CSAC’s unmatched portability derives from specs that include:
120mW power consumption, 16cm3 volume, 35g weight,  ±5.0E-11 accuracy at shipment σy <1.5 x 10-11 at τ = 100 sec short-term stability (Allan Deviation), <3.0E-10/month aging rate
A New Class of Applications At two orders of magnitude better accuracy than oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXOs) — and up to four orders of magnitude better accuracy than temperature-controlled oscillators (TCXOs) — the CSAC’s unmatched portability opens the door to new classes of applications, such as:
Underwater sensors for seismic research or gas and oil exploration
Military systems including dismounted IED jammers, dismounted radios, GPS receivers, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Device Connectivity The SA.45s CSAC produces two outputs, a 10MHz square wave and 1PPS, both in a CMOS 0 – 3.3V format. It also accepts a 1PPS input for synchronization and provides an RS-232 interface for monitoring and control.
Miniature Rubidium Atomic Clock

SA.32m family has a completely new physics package that enables unprecedented miniaturization possible in a rubidium clock. It is suitable for applications requiring compact design, low power consumption, extended aging and precision in an economical and easily adaptable package.
SA.32m delivers holdover accuracy of +/- 1.5 microseconds over 24 hours under targeted conditions.
It consumes less power and has wide-spectrum temperature operation. This makes it accessible to a range of timing and synchronization applications, from telecom networks to test and measurement devices.
The SA.32m has the physical dimensions and packaging of a small ovenized crystal oscillator (OCXO), measuring 51 mm X 51 mm (2”X 2”) and standing at a mere 18 mm (0.7”).
The SA.32m is a premium grade, highly accurate holdover solution designed for LTE base stations that provides best in class holdover capability.
Primary characteristics of the SA.32m are:

Holdover: +/-1.5 microseconds for up to 24 hours
Aging rate: 1E-10 per month
Temperature stability: 1E-10 over full operating temp range
Power consumption: 5 watts at 25 °C steady stat

Serisi Miniature Rubidium Atomic Clock
The SA.3Xm is designed for applications where an economical solution for frequency stability is required. Requiring little power, and able to operate across a wide spectrum of temperatures, the SA.3Xm is an ideal choice for wireless base stations, telecom networks, and test and measurement devices requiring the precision of a rubidium oscillator.
Symmetricom has designed the SA.3Xm for suitability in variety of timing and synchronization applications, including wireless base stations, telecom networks, and test and measurement devices.
Compact Design
Symmetricom has leveraged significant advances in physics miniaturization and integration to design a form factor measuring only 2” by 2” and standing less than an inch — five times smaller than existing rubidium oscillators.
Economical Operation
Low power consumption makes the SA.3Xm an ideal choice for applications where an economical solution for frequency stability is required.
Low Temperature Sensitivity
Wide spectrum temperature operation enables use in a range of applications. Includes standard quartz oscillator pinouts.