Password locking function, easy control.
Temperature adjusted by buttons, with auto sleeping and shut-off function.
Digital temperature calibration, easy operation.
Suction pen inside hot air handle, convenient for using.
Brushless fan, adjustable, stepless and wide range of air volume, suitable for various occasions.
Large air volume cooling function, long lifetime heating element. The hot air handle is protected.
Built-in vacuum pump, powerful suction, no need of external vacuum system.
Closed loop of sensor, precise temperature.
Light handle is comfortable for using.
Micro computer control, rapid heating and thermal recovery.
Digital temperature calibration, insert-plug design of heating element, easy maintenance.
Insert-plug design of soldering tip, safe and reliable grounding way.
Temperature locked by password, and three temperatures can be set and saved.
Two tip cleaning ways are available, and they are sponge and metallic sponge.
Ceramic heater has a long lifetime.
Light handle is suitable for long time of use.
Calibrate temperature digitally.
New appearance and firm structure.
Various types of tips are available.
ESD safe design.
It is especially suitable for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand, soldering common and directly-inserted electronics, or lead free soldering under other special conditions.
At most 64 units can be connected to one computer for group management.
Sensor close to the tip, rapid thermal recovery.
Calibrate temperature digitally and easily.
Large LCD design for displaying two temperatures.
New appearance and compact structure.
Range of temperature limits can be set according to requirements. The station will alarm if temperature exceeds the limit.
Auto-sleeping time and shut-off time can be set.
Temperature locked by password.
Safe and reliable grounding method is used to avoid changes of tip-to-ground resistance and tip-to-ground potential during soldering process.
Separate design of heater and soldering tip, and low cost of replacing spare parts.
ESD safe design.
Low cost of replacing spare parts, separate design of soldering tip, sensor and heater.
Sensor close to the tip, accurate temperature, rapid thermal recovery.
Auto sleeping function available, energy-efficient.
Temperature locked by password to ensure soldering efficiency.
Digital temperature calibration, easy operation.
ESD safe design